4 Tips and Tricks to Capturing Baby Photos

baby photosThis is the guide to those of you who wish to capture and create some cute adorable baby photos, but not sure with how to do that. As a baby photographer, there are things that you need to remember before you start deciding on the props to use and snapping those pictures!

We want to emphasize heavily on preparing. You need to know and plan what you want to do for your photography. You need your clients to know that you have a plan and won’t just randomly snap something on the spot. Improvising is recommended, but it is not to be relied on.

Know what the parents want

Some parents have specific reasons why they want to book for a baby photography session. It could be to celebrate something their little one recently achieved. Whatever it is, be sure to know and remember that. It will help you plan the photography session.

Based on that, you will have now more choices of props, backdrops, and clothing for the baby. It won’t just be another baby photography session, but one with meaning in it. Show the parents your past works, if you have, especially the ones that are similar to the current one. Explain to them what you did and maybe what you can do for them.

Arrange your portfolios

People like it when they look at things grouped neatly. Not just baby pictures uploaded onto a single page randomly. Make sure to point out the event under the pictures, such as birthday, first steps, first words, etc. This makes it easy for parents to imagine when they want to book you and a reason to do so. For example, you can check out baby photos by Susan Renee, they are the real goals.

Allow it to be easy to navigate around in for visitors. You absolutely want to upload recent pictures every few months to give visitors updates. Many who are still considering might make up their mind once they see you keep making a great job at it.

Clean props and set

Never let a baby photo shoot session to go on without cleaning the room thoroughly first. Whatever it was that happened before, it shouldn’t be affecting the current session. It will obviously leave a negative image to the parents. The rest is just ethics; that you shouldn’t be letting young babies sit, crawl and play on dirty floors and blankets.

Disinfect the props frequently, so your future clients won’t walk out of the studio and find their babies catching a cold the next day.

Minimal edit

Don’t have the mindset that editing the pictures are going to solve a lot of things. No, it won’t. Pictures look best when they are not edited too much because people will notice it. Keep the edits to the minimum. You should be editing small mistakes and disturbances like a single hair that stands out. In fact, the editing is usually only about enhancing the colors of the pictures.

Here are the four tips for baby photographers. Remember, planning and moderation in editing baby photos are the two most important things!

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