6 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wish You Knew

Kent wedding photographerWedding photographers talk about a lot of things, including their clients and their weddings. Not in a bad way though, at least not the Kent wedding photographer. The thing is, if clients knew a thing or two about nuptial photoshoots, they will, not only make it easier for the photographers to do their jobs, but they’ll also get amazing shots that’ll keep the memories of their weddings evergreen.

So, when wedding photographers talk about their clients, they’re probably discussing their experiences and how it can be improved. Here are 6 things your wedding photographers wish you knew before your wedding day.

  1. Have some good lights in your dressing room. And space too:

Lighting and space are important factors in creating great photoshoots. Lighting determines the brightness, tone, atmosphere, and mood of the images when controlled and manipulated correctly. And a good amount of space gives room for the photographer to be as creative as possible, taking different shots from different angles.

Normally, a professional photographer will come with a bunch of photoshoot equipment, but you should do what you can to help out. At least, make sure there’s a good source of light in the room.

  1. Get your photo list ready and let the photographer in on it before time:

We understand that you may be thinking about one million things at the same time during your wedding, but do not forget this one – a photo list. Make a list of all the people you’ll like to take pictures with and hand a copy of it to the photographer. This way, you’ll capture memorable happy moments with loved ones.

Here is a tip for you on this; get someone (a close friend, family, etc) to help you go through the list to make sure you did not overlook someone so important.

  1. Be on time:

Why are brides always late to their weddings? Could it be a tradition of some sort? Well, with due respect, kent wedding photographers will appreciate it if you show up on time! It is disrespectful to keep a lot of good people (including the photographers) waiting for you on your wedding day. It’s also disrespectful to you as a bride.

Oh, and this goes to the grooms as well. Yes.

  1. Trust your photographer, he/she’s the professional:

How can you be in total control of a bunch of things at the same time? It’s true that it’s your wedding we’re talking about, but it is not possible to control the music, the salad dressings, the guest, the vendors, the photographers, etc. Relax, take a deep breath, and trust that you hired the best.

Just in case you’re wondering who will be a perfect Kent wedding photographer for you, you can try https://www.davidburkephotography.co.uk/.

  1. Enjoy your day:

Again, relax and enjoy your day! Let it flow naturally, and be on “your best behaviour”. One of the things that make kent wedding photographer stand out is that they want to tell a true love story of your wedding in a memorable and happy photoshoot documentation. This is going to be hard to do if you’re not relaxed.

  1. Hold that kiss for a while:

Deat grooms, it is important to learn “the perfect wedding kiss” for the sake of your wedding. And no; this does not have anything to do with being a good or lousy kisser. Three things.

  • One, it has to be politely passionate
  • Two, hold the kiss for a whole
  • Three, create a comfortable posture and position before the kiss

And brides, please, wear comfortable lipstick.

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