Beach Wedding Photography Tips to Live By

beach wedding photographyIf there’s one place that people in general love, it would have to be the beach. The beach is usually the most requested place to go to or even think about during the holidays, when it comes to taking a break from work, or during special events, such as weddings. It should come as no surprise then that photographers are often asked if they specialize in beach wedding photography. After all, the beach is a magical place to have the photos filmed in and it provides a naturally beautiful background that is pretty much incomparable to just about any other venue in the world.

There are a few tips we’ve come up with to help a photographer make the most out of his beach wedding venue.

Look for great focal points

Most people would probably see the beach as a slightly monotonous background that looks pretty much all the same. There’s the sand, the water, the occasional palm tree, and probably some cerulean blue in the sky peppered with some clouds. That’s kind of a sad ideology when you think about it because it really is all about perspective. The beach has a wide plethora of focal points to offer the inquisitive photographer. Beach wedding photography becomes so much more interesting when the wedding photographer Hampshire goes beyond the usual photos that have become too common, they are almost cliché. Look for something out of the ordinary that will make a good material as a focal point in the photograph. It can be an interestingly unique pattern in the sand. It can be chimes dancing in the salty breeze. It can be the wonderful assortment of shells that double up as wedding decorations. There are tons of things that can make your focal point for the photos to keep them interesting.

Have to time the filming

The beach is a slightly tricky thing to pull off for wedding photography because of the fact that you have to time when and up until where you will be able to keep on taking the photos. Chasing the almost-dusk photos are awesome but you also have very limited time so make sure that you have everything pre-planned so that you can make the most out of whatever little time you have for the shoot.

Head to the beach for the shoot when there aren’t a lot of people around because it makes it difficult for the photographer to come up with the romantic shots when there is a huge crowd around. It is always best to try to go when it’s still early in the morning or when the day is almost about to end. Inclement weather is also not a bad thing. There is something mysterious about rain clouds about to move in, the water broiling, and flags planted on the sand angrily waving in the charged air, when you get to think about it.

Make use of UV filters

Beach photos are notorious for overexposure because of the usually sunny atmosphere. The visual impact is not very impressive but it helps balance off the light a little. The UV filters also provide great protection for your lenses. They can be like sunblock for your gear.

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