Being Subtle With Natural Wedding Photography

natural wedding photographyToo much Spoils the Fun

Today we are delving into natural wedding photography or let me call it less editing photography.

Here we go

I do not know everything in the field of photography or weddings but I am not a moron that doesn’t know the nitty-gritty about both wedding and photography. There is an article I wrote about embracing the art of photography where I described photography as an art.

This is my view

I see photography in the same light I perceive the art of makeup. Not everyone can be good in it but you can at least try to know the basics. Just as makeup enhances either the image of a thing or a person, that is the work also of photography. It illuminates those features of an object living or non living, natural or artificial to produce images that represents and portray the qualities of the object in focus.

Why you appreciate it

The reason why people appreciate photography is because it’s a reflection of the image they want to see or have. Mirrors give us our reflections but we cannot hold on to the reflection on the mirror and that’s why photography is appreciated. It also keeps those precious memories and moments in an image forever which we often don’t want to lose. Now imagine if we didn’t have any means to duplicate a memory, event or appearance into anything; the world would have been boring. Moreso, the brain with the way it’s wired, pick up those images and helps us to recollect the important things.

When it becomes bad

A wedding photograph becomes bad when too much effect is used when editing the pictures. That is a good reason why I appreciate natural wedding photography. Too much spoils the fun, no right thinking person wants to look like a robot or a form of zombie or even an overgrown barbie doll on their wedding day. Therefore as a photographer who is into natural wedding photography, be creative with the shots but use minimal effects when editing the pictures. Sometimes when the lighting and decor is good enough, you may necessarily not have a need for editing the pictures.

There are good effects

When I said too much spoils the fun, I didn’t mean that there should be no fun at all. I have seen some effects and they were totally amazing, on the other hand, I have also seen some effects and they didn’t do justice to the pictures; rather they made the images on the picture appear like caricatures. For real, some effects are that bad and not everyone knows how to use effects well.

I think the best thing to do is to avoid complications and just stick to clear but simple edits when you are into natural wedding photography.

Everything written in this article is my opinion on what I think you should do if you are considering this line of photography. If you are not satisfied, try more options or keep searching, you probably will find better views.

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