Blogging Mistakes a Wedding Photographer Will Most Likely Make

wedding photography tipsBeing a new wedding photographer and trying to make sense of the business side of things in general is already tough enough. However, when you get to think about it, it is something that basically comes with the territory. If you want your business to thrive at some point and if this is something that you would like to be able to do over a prolonged period of time, then you should go ahead and work on improving your blog. If you do not have one, then you should get right on and start creating one. Your blog is basically your best marketing tool. You should update your blog entries with the weddings that you cover at some point.

Make no mistake though, although it may be nice to have your clients see your blog posts about their wedding post shoot, the wedding blogs are not for their benefit. The blog really is meant for your future prospective clients. This is the first thing that clients check out or review before they even decide to talk to you so it is absolutely crucial that you do not make the most common mistakes that wedding photographers make.

Failing to post enough images

What you need to remember when you are putting up your blog post is the fact that you are actually writing a full entry blog. You should not scrimp out on the amount of pictures that you are going to post. Remember, you want your future clients to look at a blog entry that would tell them that you are more or less more than capable of covering a wedding event from start to end. Anything that is less than 10 images posted is something that is way too low and will not suffice to make up a blog entry post. It will also be considered as a “teaser” for a full entry blog if it is anything that is less than the ten picture rule. At least have something for the important moments in the wedding such as the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready, the groom and his groomsmen getting ready, the bride walking down the aisle, the bride and groom at the altar, the couple with their families, the reception, the speeches, and the dancing. That should make up a pretty comprehensive setup that will more or less tell a story for your readers.

Posting too many images

Too much of a good thing may be bad. Do not overdo it unless your intent is to bore your audience. Avoid posting photos that look redundant and pretty much the same. You absolutely do not want your readers to scroll endlessly through pictures that do not string a story together.

The tendency to post all of the images in their full size

Get this, not all of the images out there require to be posted in full size. It will give your blog a monotonous layout and may bore your readers. Try to post only the really impactful photos in full size and the others should be slightly smaller laid out side by side.

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