Capturing Moments: 4 Never-Miss Moments in Any Wedding Event

Hertfordshire wedding photographer Wedding events are full of memories. To be honest, one photographer can only capture so much. There are numerous affections, emotions, joys, expressions on so many people’s faces that one photographer actually has an almost impossible task.

But let us focus on the memories and moments themselves and not on whether one photographer will suffice or not.

As a professional Hertfordshire wedding photographer, my job is to preserve as many memories as I can. There are some specific moments and scenarios I have to strive to capture no matter what. These moments happen only once and can be lost for ever if not aptly captured. In no particular order, here are some very important memories that must be preserved

  1. Rings Getting Exchanged

One of the most important moments, we are all aware of how symbolic a wedding ring is. A picture of the bride and groom exchanging their wedding rings should never be missed. Make sure you are at the perfect angle to capture this moment. Focus on the hands, on the fingers. Then focus the faces and expressions that follow after.

  1. The Vow and Kiss

The moment the bride and groom exchange vows must be captured. Words mean so much; to many people, words mean everything. While you cannot exactly capture the words they say, (videographers will do that), you can adequate steal the expressions on their faces. Never miss this moment for anything in the world.

And the kiss. Oh! The kiss. Of course, there is every possibility it isn’t the first kiss. However, it doesn’t matter. It is the first time they’ll kiss after exchanging vows.

There are lots of pictures to be taken in this moment. From the moment he holds her, to the look in her eyes as he does that, the kiss itself, and everything that follows. Even the eruption and ovations from guests should not be missed.

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  1. The Walk Down the Aisle

Get ready. The moments the DJ or the Orchestra plays Mendelssohn’s Wedding March or Pachelbel’s Canon in D, and the bride’s father or uncle leads her down the aisle are moments that can never be missed.

But that is not where the joy, tears and main expressions are. They are on the face of the groom. So, you focus on him. Different grooms, different reactions, but whatever it is, you must never miss it and must capture that moment.

  1. Getting Ready

A good professional photographer arrives very early at the venue. Because from the moment the wedding day begins, moments and memories are being made. One of them is the getting ready moments.

While you cannot be in two places at a time, getting a second shooter will help. Nevertheless, endeavour you capture the moments the bride is dressing up and applying make-up. It is also a good addition to the album if you capture the wedding dress alone before the bride puts them on.

Make sure you capture moments the groom has with his friends and groomsmen too. That moment when he is putting on his cufflinks and blazer. Or that moment when he takes a final look at the outside world before leaving the room.

And being a Hertfordshire wedding photographer with a keen eye for details, I never miss these moments.

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