Catie Coyle Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsOne of the best examples of documentary wedding photography out there is Catie Coyle Photography. You will definitely be able to learn a thing or two if you get to pay enough attention to how this particular wedding photographer is getting the job done. The thing about documentary wedding photography that makes it stand out in terms of style and in technique is the fact that when it all comes down to it, it is laborious and a bit time-consuming, to say the least. There’s just so much going on in the back end of things.

Be on your toes.

In order for you to pull of this particular kind of style or approach in photography, you will need to really be on your toes all of the time. What this technically means is that you should think about the proper way for you to keep up with the events as they come along. You cannot be careless about the way that things pan out. Keep in mind of the fact that there is no rewind or replay when you are covering a wedding. Once an event passes by or lapses without you covering it, you will most likely end up missing out on it and your clients will hold that over your head once they finally review your submitted material.

Meet ahead.

What seasoned documentary wedding photographers do is that they meet up with the clients ahead of time and come up with a list of important moments that they should be looking out for. This way, there is a mutual agreement between the clients and between you as a documentary wedding photographer about the things that should be implemented or covered in the wedding photo shoot. You can go over these items in the same way that you are going over a checklist when it all comes down to it. This way, you don’t miss out on any item. When you are covering the wedding, make sure that you get to delegate the less important tasks and shots out to your second shooter. Don’t ever let the primary shot list leave your sight. Make sure that you get to follow through on this as much as possible. If you want things to get done the right way, then go do it yourself as much as possible unless you have absolute trust and faith in your second shooter. Take note of the fact that this is your career on the line and that you shouldn’t easily entrust it to just about anyone out there.

Move around with minimal equipment.

Wedding photographers who specialize in documentary wedding photography usually move around with minimal equipment. Bulky equipment will not help you and your cause in achieving a certain kind of stealth and “candidness” in the photos that you are trying to produce for your clients. Make sure that you get to really focus on this as much as possible. Set the rest of your stuff down and don’t carry the gear on your back unless you absolutely have to.

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