Get Two Wedding Photographers Billericay For These Reasons!

wedding photographers BillericayJust like every other couple, you want to do your best at your wedding. Yet, we understand that your budget isn’t something that can be flexibly changed when you want to. You are thinking about getting only one, but let us tell why two wedding photographers Billericay will really be worth it!

One is enough?

A single wedding photographer is never enough for the job. As a matter of fact, a single photographer can only do so much when he’s actually responsible for a lot of things. Some photographers are pretty don’t know their own limitations and may take up jobs that they couldn’t work on as well as others. There’s also the fact that you are not a good judge of a photographer’s skills in general.

One shooter cannot be let responsible for a very big wedding party if you don’t want to miss some of the wedding pictures. You have to hire more people if you want the wedding to be well-covered in terms of content as well as a number of pictures. More people mean more pictures!

The limit is usually a wedding that is attended by hundreds of people. That kind of wedding will have a lot of people enjoying themselves and your photographer simply cannot keep track of everyone. That’s when a second shooter should be thrown in.

When single is enough

So, when should you consider having one shooter as being enough? Obviously, when you know that the wedding size is not too big. If you found professional wedding photographers Billericay like, these people are pretty honest in explaining if they feel like they can take on the job.

A professional wedding photographer is always responsible for everything and they are used to do things alone. They won’t be burdened with things like carrying their equipment alone, preparing on their own and keeping track of the family members and friends to take their pictures. These people know what they are doing, making it completely find to hire only one.

What comes with a second shooter?

A second shooter helps you cover more aspects of your wedding, such as all the guests that you have invited and the decoration that you’ve chosen. Having two people taking pictures also mean you can have two different perspectives upon a single event. It is then possible to take pictures of an important event as many as you need and from various angles.

Hiring one more person means you have to pay more.

You have to consider tipping the second shooter if that is an assistant of the lead photographer. Tips are usually equal to 20% of the total price or as much as you’d love to give. You also have to remember to provide one extra dinner for the shooter on the same table. And don’t forget that you can invite both of them to your wedding rehearsal as well.

If you can have two wedding photographers Billericay, it will definitely add up more value and pictures into your wedding collection. A single wedding photographer can be professional and capable, but there’s a limit to what one person can do.

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