Great Newborn Photography Styles You Should Know

Raleigh newborn photographerPhotography styles have expanded into so many kinds from reportage to candid or landscape styles depending on what, who and where you take the pictures. For newborns though, the options are pretty limited as babies are impossible to command to pose and are limited in movements and expressions (they either sleep, look around curiously, laugh or cry).

Newborn photography Raleigh NC typically involves 2 styles:

  1. Posed Styles

This is usually done in complete silence and peacefulness because the baby is required to be posed in ways where cooperation is mandatory and cooperation is the same with deep sleep in babies.

While conducting this session, mothers will need to feed their babies before the start of the photography session and wait for the baby to go into deeper sleep. Once the baby is calm, the photographer and probably his or her assistant will help with posing the baby, holding his positions and typically involve using props and wearing accessories on the baby as calm as possible without waking the baby up.

Extra blankets will also be needed, but parents should not be worried about making a mess in the studio as most photographers have already understood this. All parents need to do is to be prepared to bring baby needs and props that you want to be featured.

  1. Candid or Lifestyle

This one does not necessary need the babies to be sleeping. The idea of this style is interaction of family members to the babies, which means mothers and fathers and siblings if the babies have, need to be taken their photograph too.  Typical newborn photography Raleigh NC session in lifestyle is taken in the client’s residence.

Parents typically will cuddle, hug and do other candid poses that shows their love, care and effort in raising the baby. Need to be reminded that parents are not required to wear fancy clothes or be using fancy accessories or jewelry, because the main character is the newborn. A professional Raleigh newborn photographer who does candid or lifestyle will usually let parents hold and play with their babies naturally.

Siblings are also important in the life of your newborn; they will be the baby’s playmate for a really long time! Pictures usually involve siblings kissing or hugging their little brother or sister. Oh, and don’t forget pets!

Do not be embarrassed!

Skillful photographers will know that every moment and movement made with and for your baby will be remembered down the road in 10 and 20 years; even without purposely posing for it, your photographers will be capturing the moments in between.

These are the typical newborn photography Raleigh NC offers, but between photographers there will be differences in personal style, point of view and so on. If you are parents looking for the right style for your bundle of joy, look up for photographers’ album or ask them to bring you their portfolios of 2 to 3 others newborn sessions they have done. Interview them and ask them what kind of style is their preference. And then decide if you like what you see!

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