Great Shot List that Couples Should Tell Their Wedding Photographers

Creating a shot list is something that couples have been doing to make sure that everything is captured.

Lancashire wedding photographerWeddings only happen once in a lifetime and huge chances are you and your photographer might miss the timing and moment that won’t repeat itself again. However, away from the conventional way of listing each of what your photographer should shoot, we have created a template to help you decided the additional shots that your photographers need to know.

As a matter of fact, an experienced Lancashire wedding photographer is used to shooting wedding pictures and have noted that several pictures are a must, such as family pictures, mom and bride, mom and groom, couple pictures and so on. What they’d love to know from their clients though, are there:

Special memories

Maybe you have a grandpa who just recently had his 95th birthday! Congratulations! Make this a chance to create more memories of your wedding with your grandpa and tell your photographer that you want several family members to also be included in the picture with him.

Surprise events

Each wedding is different and so does the couple wants it to be. In order to make it a memorable one that they won’t forget, many come up with interesting shows and performance to surprise their guests and family members. You need to spoil this to your photographer! It can be a duet between you and your partner, your uncle appearing in a full cowboy suit or best man confessing to his crush! Whatever it is, make sure that your photographer what is going to happen so that they can ready themselves in place and capture the special time from beginning to the end.

Group shot

Although there are several group shots that sort of fall under the ‘must shoot’ lists, such as couple, family, bridesmaid and best men group shots, it is best to tell your photographers the estimate number of group shots you want to hold for, your close friends, workmates, and such. The reason behind this is because group shots can easily be missed due to time limit and guests’ activity.

Getting ready

It’s easy to miss because of various reasons. It can be the fact that you are not mentally ready for it or that your photographer just never asked about it. Pictures of both the groom and bride getting ready take time, especially if your photographer is working alone. These pictures make great additions to your wedding album. Putting this under your shot list also help you and your Lancashire wedding photographer to further plan an earlier arrival to capture the pictures first.

After party

Whatever activity you do after the party is easy to forget; you were probably off to your honeymoon immediately in a car or a carriage and gave your partner a soft peck on the lips. It is important to tell your photographer when and how you will leave the place because you can’t leave your photographer in a dazzle of wondering what will happen and shuffling through the crowd because he just realized what’s going on.

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