Great Wedding Photography Tips for Those Who Are Starting Out

1. Prep up your gear and invest in all of the right equipment.

Invest in the right kind of cameras and you are sure to get a running start in your wedding photography career. This is a major investment. You need something that will let you shoot in both manual mode and aperture mode as well. If you can only afford just one camera, what you can do is to borrow or rent a secondary one. You absolutely cannot afford to cover the wedding with just one camera. You need at least two to start with so that you can mount two different kinds of lenses. This will make it easy for you to transition in between cameras instead of having to keep unscrewing and re-screwing the lenses.

wedding photography gear

2. Invest in the most fundamental basic lenses needed for wedding photography.

You will need to start off with two lenses. Right off the start, again, if the issue is with the initial amount of money that you need to put in, you best start off with a medium zoom lens that works or functions the same way the two basic lenses do. The first lens would have to be the telephoto lens. This lens will let you take zoomed in photos from quite a distance without ever jeopardizing the quality of the images that you are taking. The second lens is the wide angle lens. This kind of lens is perfect for the group photos that are absolutely required during weddings. This lens will also let you take great photos of buildings and architectural designs without having to worry whether or not they will fit in the lens because the wide angle lens will let you do that.

3. Be street smart and business savvy enough to learn how to network properly.

This can you grow your business and be successful like this wedding photographer nottingham. If you are absolutely horrified of strangers, this is the right time for you to get up and start conquering that kind of fear. Practice walking up to strangers and talk to them, introduce your business, and be confident enough to showcase your business in words. Get a professional looking business card designed for you and get lots of them printed out. Be ready to hand them out during events that you cover. Be particularly keen in networking with fellow wedding industry professionals such as florists, caterers, and wedding planners.

4. Create a blog and keep it updated with all of the ideas and inspiring stream of creativity to keep your audiences interested.

This may be a challenge for people who do not have some serious writing chops but what you can be rest assured of is the fact that this is actually something that you can learn or teach yourself to do. Yes, it may be slow coming in the beginning but you will eventually pick up the right kind of momentum and you will start churning out one quality post to another.

5. Take just a maximum of three clicks per person or per scene and that is it.

Do not overshoot because you will end up confusing yourself with too many choices once you get to the post shoot process of wedding photography.

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