How a York Wedding Photographer Deal with Weather

One of the biggest problems for the York wedding photographer is the weather. It’s something that is out of your control and sometimes, the weather takes the worst turn on the wedding day. It could be raining hard or a blizzard could be blowing harshly out there and you’re left with the indoor location to take photos at.

Other times, it’s still pretty bright and sunny, except that the day is shining way too bright for the camera to take. Everyone is burning under the scorching sun and you just can’t help seeing those horrible shadows showing up on the faces of your client.

These are the kinds of weather that you will constantly face from time to time and if you cannot change the situation, the next thing you can do is to coop with it. But how?

Capable camera and lens

The most important part here is to have a reliable camera and lens to work with. When you purchase your lenses, research the pros of those lenses and their ability to shoot in different circumstances. For example, if you want to take pictures in the middle of the day, you will be faced with overexposure as well as horrible reflections on the white wedding dress of your client.

On the other hand, if you are taking pictures under a dark condition, your lens must be able to capture whatever light is there. Or you’ll only be seeing blurry silhouettes of the people in the frame. A prime lens is, for example, a better choice to take pictures in a dark environment as they are better at capturing light and the less amount of reflections creates a sharper and clearer result.


In any kind of situation, a reliable reflector is going to be able to cover up the flaws in a picture easily. If you know which reflector to use and how big it should be, you will be able to tackle many shadow problems without flashing the light to their faces. This is essential according to a York wedding photographer from JoanneB Photography.

There are white, silver, gold, and even matte reflectors to soften the reflection or create shadows on wanted surfaces. These reflectors are light and easy to bring around, so make sure that you have a set to use whenever you need. Learn how to cover the shadows cast from bright daylight as well as natural light reflections to create a sparkling effect in the dark.


Aside from the function, an umbrella is always a great prop you can use with your wedding photography. When it’s raining, pop up a suitable umbrella with the theme or your clients’ preference. Make use of it and don’t just have the couple carry the umbrella, but make some poses with it.

When shooting under the rain, be sure that you know what you want to do before you rush into the rain. Everyone shouldn’t be standing in the rain way too long.

Protect your equipment

Aside from your clients, you need to protect the equipment that you are carrying as well. Bring the lens hood and don’t let rain to seep into the camera. Shoot from a position that won’t cause rain to fall on the camera. Your camera is your lifeline as a York wedding photographer, remember that.

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