How To Best Plan Your Wedding Photography

photographer in YorkThere are a lot of things that could go wrong at your wedding, no matter how well you prepare it. Stressing it out is not going to do good if you don’t know how to make sure that the possibility of anything wrong happening is gone.

From choosing your photographer in York to how to prepare the site, read them all here.

Choose a pro

Never go for affordable, newbie, enthusiastic photographers. You need that person to be professional and know what he does. It has to be someone who’s been given the same responsibility before and can prove to you by showing his past works in as many weddings as possible. It has to be someone that you can really rely on for the job.

Interview the possible candidates well before hiring them. Settle on the photographer that 1) whose work you like, 2) listens to you, and 3) explains everything you need to know about wedding photography.

Expect worse things to happen

We all wish for our wedding to happen under a good weather. But rain and the sorts are very common, especially during autumn. On the other hand, those who are getting married in summer cannot be too happy about the sunny weather when it’s making you squint while taking pictures outdoors. Weather is a factor you cannot change; you can only accept and adapt.

Your photographer has to be prepared for such situations. When you’re looking for one, make sure he’s used to this and ask for past works if possible. A photographer in York that we personally like is from You can check out her works and see that no rain or sunlight prevent her from doing her best.

Discuss things out with your photographer before the wedding day. In case that, for example, you run out of time to capture the pictures, what will happen? Will you be charged for extra hours or is there a way to optimize the time as much as possible?

Plan the itinerary

When you plan your itinerary, do not leave your photographer out. Include him in the discussion and ask when the best time is to have your pictures taken. For example, you may want to take some dress-up pictures early in the morning. How early should your photographer come? Is there anything you need to remember preparing before he arrives?

Usually, for early morning sessions, the photographer would want you to clean up the room well before he arrives. Make sure that the jewelry, perfume, and all bride’s needs are arranged neatly on the dressing table. Your photographer will be taking the pictures of those and the room. It won’t do if the wedding dress bag is strewn across the floor and your underwear is hanging on the wall’s rack.

Trust Your Photographer

Once you’ve settled with your photographer in York, trust in him. Believe in your choice of the professional photographer and let him do his job well. You can leave him reminders or make special requests but remember to appreciate his personal workspace. No photographer likes to be told how they should do their job, such as the pictures they need to take or how it should be taken.

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