Key Shots at a Wedding – The Most Important Edinburgh Wedding Photography Images

wedding photographer EdinburghWhat any wedding photographer worth their salt knows is that having a wedding schedule is the best way to stay organised in the chaotic and bustling environment of a wedding. Even in the training courses being offered in photography classes, it is always emphasized that wedding photographers ought to always have a “key shots” list so as to ensure that nothing is overlooked in the motion of the day.

Before going into what wedding photographer Edinburgh Ross Barber Photography will most likely have featured in a key shots list, it is important to consider the type of images to be taken and why they need to be taken. For wedding photographers when covering a wedding, there is always a final goal which must be headed towards and everything done in the course of the day is for the sole aim of achieving that goal. This does not mean that they have a pre-listed set of items which they go about ticking.

Some brides tend to go for the story book wedding album as they consider it to be the best way to showcase their wedding pictures. Due to the style chosen by the bride, it becomes important that the wedding photography in turn should reflect what the final product ought to be and that is a storybook layout. Therefore, for the photographer, the main goal would be to get a variety of background shots which can be used to complement the main images in a page.

Still making use of the story book wedding album as an illustrative point, the photographer tries to remember that each double page spread should be a representation of a particular part of the day so they have to make sure there are enough images for this in a variety of formats. For a simple layout, portrait and landscape pictures should be taken.

For the traditional Edinburgh English Wedding, the following is a list of key shots.

Pre-ceremony shoot

This can take place either in the house of the couple or the rented location the couple selects to get ready for the day. If the couple are in different locations, then the photographer needs to have an assistant attending to the bride while he trails the groom or vice versa. The following are some of the shots taken.

  1. Wedding Attire (shoes, gown, tux, accessories)
  2. Wedding decoration (flowers, place setting, event hall, church venue)

The couple in the process of getting ready ( make-up, wearing/adjusting dress, bride in the mirror)

  1. The wedding party (parents of the couple, bridesmaids, groomsmen, bride and her bridesmaid, the groom and his groomsmen, brothers and sisters)
  2. Going to the wedding ceremony ( the bride and groom leaving the house, family members trailing)

The Church

  1. Bride’s arrival
  2. Bride and Father walking down the aisle
  3. Groom & Best Man
  • Groom & Dad shaking hands
  • During & After The wedding Ceremony
  1. Exchange of vows
  2. Group Pictures
  • Individual Pictures of the Couple

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