Little Baby Photography Tips That Work Every Time

newborn photographyMacro shots

Sleepy baby time means it’s macro shots time! Yup, it’s no joke when we say that baby photography can be touch but it does have its adorable moments. A baby who is fast asleep looks so peaceful and so cute and will definitely come out looking great in the photos, if you know how to take advantage of that moment. Sleepy time is also the perfect time for you to bust out that macro lens and take some serious close-ups. More often than not, natural light will not suffice for this so go through the extents of actually making it quick and successive so you do not disturb the baby and wake it up from its sleep.

Natural light

Maximize as much natural light that you can get your hands on. And speaking of avoiding flash, try to make use of light that is readily available to you. Try to position the baby next to a source of natural light like an open window or door that provides you with crisp enough lighting that won’t have you looking for any flash. Babies tend to get irritated pretty quickly so veering away from the flash as much as possible is actually a pretty wise move, if you ask us.


Let the siblings join in on the photo session, if you can. Siblings being photographed with the baby will come out looking really adorable and great. Try to see if you can get them or encourage them to join the photo shoot. Have a nice stash of candies in hand so you can bribe your way through if they get a little hesitant. If you will be able to pull this off, your photos will come out looking really great and one for the books – literally.


Get props that work well and last long. You need to invest in a whole range of props as well if you’re really serious about getting baby photography Oxfordshire as a niche or as a specialty. Try to look things up online and see what the most popular choices usually are and try to learn from them at some point or so. It would be wise if you go with materials that are durable enough to withstand time and a whole lot of washes because you’re going to have to wash them much frequently than usual. It is usually advised to always wash the props after every use for hygienic reasons.


Get your hands on an assortment of toys to help keep the baby entertained. Toys that look colorful or that you can hang suspended from a ceiling or a pole or anything like that will work well in keeping the baby entertained and happy. Babies get distracted quite easily so you can actually use that to your advantage by having a lot of flashy toys around that will surely pique their interest at some point or so.

Morning schedule

Schedule the shoot during the morning. Mornings are the best time of the day for you to film babies – period. They are in a better mood, they are less cranky, and are most likely to give you those adorably smiling shots during that time.

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