When Booking A Family Photographer

Find the right family photographer

family photographerHiring the perfect family photographer for you and for your family is one of the most important things that you should try to go ahead and ensure every single time. The thing about family photo shoots is that they are not things that just happen on the fly and they are not things that happen just once in a lifetime at some point or so and this is what you need to take care of at the end of the day. What you need to see at this point in time is the fact that there are actually certain steps that you can take in order for you to make sure that you have the right family photographer for the job every single time. This isn’t rocket science and this isn’t exactly the hardest thing to figure out in the world. For as long as you have all of the right things going for you, you get to have a blast from the project and more importantly, you get to walk away with photos that look great at the end of the day. This is what you should always go ahead and make sure of one way or the other.

Identify photography style

First off, you need to identify the kind of photography style that you would like to go ahead and implement in your family photo shoot. This way, it will be fairly easy for your family photographer to tweak things or to adapt based off of what you would like to get out of the project at the end of the day. What kinds of photo speak to you on a different kind of level? Are you more drawn to photos that look like they have been professional polished and that look like they have been taken in a studio or would you rather go ahead and opt for photos that look as if they have been taken out of a normal day in the family’s life? Another option that you can try to go ahead and take a look at is the possibility of getting a little bit of the two at the end of the day. These are things that can really work out for you and for your family photo shoot. It is all a matter of being able to really professionally and effectively communicate with the official family photographer. What kind of photos would you like to see on a daily basis?

What is the purpose or the reason for the family photo shoot in the first place?

The reasons may vary greatly and this can highly affect the product of the photo shoot that you are trying to make arrangements for. Again, make sure that your photographer is always looped in on anything and everything that you are trying to bring to pass at the end of the day so that you have a pretty good grasp of what is about to happen or what is about to come down and so that you always get to walk away from the deal feeling happy and satisfied all the time. Serena Bolton is one of the best family photographers in the industry. Do check out her portrait photography site.

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Things A Cheshire Based Wedding Photographer Should Slow Down

this wedding photographerEvery Cheshire based wedding photographer needs to know that the kiss is too fleeting to shoot properly. More often than not, the kiss of the couple during the wedding ceremony will happen a little too fast for you to get a chance to actually get things documented the right way and this can turn out to be a bit of a problem when it all comes down to it. You need to go out of your way to make sure that you get the bride and groom on board with this way before the actual day of the wedding. Explain this particular dilemma to them and let them understand that their cooperation in getting this solved can be tremendously helpful. If the couple is fairly conservative or reserved, they might just opt for a quick pause with their lips pressed together and that’s alright. Most of the couples out there are fairly game though and they certainly would not mind to give you what you need and have fun somewhere along the way.

The bridal walk needs to be slowed down.

Take note of this as a Cheshire wedding photographer as much as possible. More often than not, the bridal walk will turn out to be a little bit too fast at times. This is something that needs to be choreographed the most compared to the others and you need to seriously go ahead and do something about this. You have to understand that this is something that require’s a good deal of timing. If you will be able to make it in the wedding rehearsal, go out of your way to make sure that you are there and more or less have your hand in this. Like this wedding photographer, give the bridesmaids the right kind and amount of attention they need and require in order for them to get the kind of timing that is the most adequate for wedding photography coverage.

Be ahead of the game for when the couple head to their “getaway car”.

Once the ceremony is over and once the photo ops are done and over with, as a professional wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you get to rush or even run to the exit point of the church so that you can take photos of the couple before they get into the car and drive away to the next destination. Always look into the possibilities of things opportunities like these so that you always get the kind of coverage that you would like to get out of this particular moment.

Dancing make for great photos but they are incredibly hard to shoot.

The slow dance is always the way to go for as far as wedding photography is concerned. Again, the best way for you to go ahead and deal with something like this would be for you to get the couple in on this and let them understand the value of what is required of them so that you get to photograph them the right way.

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Why Get Married In London For The Venues

wedding photographyIf you are seriously contemplating the aspect of getting married in London, you are not alone in the premise. People from all over the world actually have these romantic notions or ideas about getting married in London one way or the other. It is the type of thing that you can really go ahead and play around with at the end of the day. If you have your doubts or your misgivings about getting married in London, it is always a great idea to play devil’s advocate in what you do and in what you are trying to pull off after all has been said and done. Make sure that this is the kind of thing that you consider and that you take note of all of the time the entire time that you are trying to work things out. London is a romantic place and something that has appealed to a lot of artists as well as writers and all of the other people who are more attuned to the history and to the feels that London is giving out to people.

Interesting and unusual venues

London has pretty interesting and unusual venues that you can actually roll with as a client. Your options will be varied and never ending. It will all boil down to what your general preferences are and to what you might have in mind when you are planning out a wedding at some point or so. The thing about getting married in London is that there are actually a lot of different wedding venues that are allowed to award civil licenses. What this means is that you will be able to get married with minimal bureaucratic red tape at the end of the day. People are declaring their undying devotion and love everywhere in London. You can choose to be as posh or as low key as you would like to. The thing is, something is bound to go ahead and work for you the right way one way or the other and this is something that you will be able to take to the bank every single time.

Great scenery

You have great options for scenery or for anything and everything related to botanic gardens or to gardens in general. There are so many different wedding venues in London that offer out great lush greens and manicured lawns and these places are great to photograph as well as great to spend the wedding in as well. And the space that is being talked about here is not something that is just limited to the wedding reception alone. There are acres after acres of lush land and lush gardens for you to explore and for you to possibly hold your wedding in and it is all about choosing all of the right venues for you and for the wedding that you are trying to bring to life as a wedding client. Outdoor weddings have always been a bit of a bestseller when it comes to getting married in London and this is something that you should take advantage of as well as much as possible.

Getting married in Edinburgh? Visit White Tree Photography’s website if you are in search for an Edinburgh wedding photographer.

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Searching for the Best Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles

wedding photographerLooking for the perfect wedding photographers to go ahead and cover your wedding accordingly and in the best ways possible is actually a really detailed thought process that you will need to go through with. This is not the kind of thing that you can just brush off and just do on the fly. Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. You should treat your wedding prep work as such as well. The kind of wedding that you end up producing will be greatly dependent on the kind of vendors that you end up hiring for the endeavor so make sure that you really get to choose accordingly. You should know which strictures you should be holding these potential wedding photographers up against before you actually make the move and hire them.

Keep an eye out for consistent results.

A true wedding photographer should always have the same high quality and the same individual and personal touch in the photos that he is able to produce when it all comes down to it. Nobody should have a proverbial “bad day”. There should be no excuses such as the guests being hard to work with or the bride being uncooperative and so on and so forth to that effect. You should always have a pretty good thing going for you all of the time. You need someone who will be able to deal with whatever it is that he will have to face during the wedding photo shoot and produce consistently beautiful looking images while he is at it. When you go for a professional wedding photographer, look for someone who has experience on his side. This way, you know that he has long taken care of the jitters as well as all of the other things that new wedding photographers are usually shake with while they are new to shooting weddings for a living.


Wedding photography or professional photography in general requires a high priced investment by way of the equipment that he will be using for the wedding shoots. Take a quick look at his equipment and try to ask what model it is. It shouldn’t always be the most expensive DSLR in the market but it should be up there along with the rest of the best cameras that the market and technology has to offer. Equipment will not really make someone a professional photographer right away but it is one of the things that can make things nominally better looking after all has been said and done. Don’t compromise and don’t “meet people halfway” when it comes to things like this. You are a paying customer and you deserve to have the best of the best when you are hiring a wedding photographer for what will turn out to be the most important day of your life.

Searching for the best wedding photographers in Los Angeles Visit www.luquephotography.com to gain more insight about the usual works of a great wedding photographer for your wedding.

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Catie Coyle Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsOne of the best examples of documentary wedding photography out there is Catie Coyle Photography. You will definitely be able to learn a thing or two if you get to pay enough attention to how this particular wedding photographer is getting the job done. The thing about documentary wedding photography that makes it stand out in terms of style and in technique is the fact that when it all comes down to it, it is laborious and a bit time-consuming, to say the least. There’s just so much going on in the back end of things.

Be on your toes.

In order for you to pull of this particular kind of style or approach in photography, you will need to really be on your toes all of the time. What this technically means is that you should think about the proper way for you to keep up with the events as they come along. You cannot be careless about the way that things pan out. Keep in mind of the fact that there is no rewind or replay when you are covering a wedding. Once an event passes by or lapses without you covering it, you will most likely end up missing out on it and your clients will hold that over your head once they finally review your submitted material.

Meet ahead.

What seasoned documentary wedding photographers do is that they meet up with the clients ahead of time and come up with a list of important moments that they should be looking out for. This way, there is a mutual agreement between the clients and between you as a documentary wedding photographer about the things that should be implemented or covered in the wedding photo shoot. You can go over these items in the same way that you are going over a checklist when it all comes down to it. This way, you don’t miss out on any item. When you are covering the wedding, make sure that you get to delegate the less important tasks and shots out to your second shooter. Don’t ever let the primary shot list leave your sight. Make sure that you get to follow through on this as much as possible. If you want things to get done the right way, then go do it yourself as much as possible unless you have absolute trust and faith in your second shooter. Take note of the fact that this is your career on the line and that you shouldn’t easily entrust it to just about anyone out there.

Move around with minimal equipment.

Wedding photographers who specialize in documentary wedding photography usually move around with minimal equipment. Bulky equipment will not help you and your cause in achieving a certain kind of stealth and “candidness” in the photos that you are trying to produce for your clients. Make sure that you get to really focus on this as much as possible. Set the rest of your stuff down and don’t carry the gear on your back unless you absolutely have to.

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Wedding Photography Business Notes to Check Out

wedding photographerAppreciate honest constructive criticism

Think of it as the best kind of education you will ever get to have. Word to wise, there is no such thing as bad criticism for as long as it is delivered professionally and with the best of intentions in mind. Criticisms are actually pretty awesome and interesting places for you to learn things and improve on your techniques so that you can go ahead and improve your wedding photography business strategies.

Show your works to your fellow industry professionals and be open to what they have to say. You have to know ahead of time though that you may not like everything that you will get to hear but that is the beauty of the entire exercise. Keep your mind open to some possibly harsh realizations about how you do things with your wedding photography career.

Dress appropriately

Dress well as the wedding photographer Newcastle and do not embarrass your clients. When your clients hired you, it means that they are probably thinking of you as someone who can represent them well on top of being able to produce high quality wedding photos. If there is a one liner that you need to take note of for as far as dressing appropriately is concerned, it should be “Dress to impress”. People tend to take things upon face value so if you are well dress and pretty much able to present yourself in the best way that you possibly could, then that means that you are pretty much at a good place. There is no such thing as overdressing for a certain wedding photography gig. Dress yourself up in as best as you could. Weddings are basically formal events so dressing nice is actually a requirement and is expected of you.

Bring in an extra pair of eyes if you have some sort of contract to review.

Check the fine print, by all means. You need to make sure that you are able to protect yourself and your business by all means. You should have a contract drawn up. Make sure that you are able to review all of the details and all of the stipulations that come along with it. And the most important thing of all is that you should seriously get it looked over by a lawyer. You can never be too careful. Remember, you are looking after the protection of your business. The last thing that you will ever need is a lawsuit to mess things up for you at some point.

Capitalize on your strengths when it comes to running your wedding photography business.

And as for all of the other things that you are not so good with, learn how to outsource them to the people who are actually good at it. If you are good at photography, then focus on that. If you are weak on the other stuff such as SEO, keeping up with the accounting books or designing your website, then by all means, hire it out and leave it to the professionals.

Social networking provides you a free marketing platform for your wedding photography business, utilize it as much as you can.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, and most of the other social media platforms out there are basically for free. It’s a great opportunity for you to put your work out there.

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Blogging Mistakes a Wedding Photographer Will Most Likely Make

wedding photography tipsBeing a new wedding photographer and trying to make sense of the business side of things in general is already tough enough. However, when you get to think about it, it is something that basically comes with the territory. If you want your business to thrive at some point and if this is something that you would like to be able to do over a prolonged period of time, then you should go ahead and work on improving your blog. If you do not have one, then you should get right on and start creating one. Your blog is basically your best marketing tool. You should update your blog entries with the weddings that you cover at some point.

Make no mistake though, although it may be nice to have your clients see your blog posts about their wedding post shoot, the wedding blogs are not for their benefit. The blog really is meant for your future prospective clients. This is the first thing that clients check out or review before they even decide to talk to you so it is absolutely crucial that you do not make the most common mistakes that wedding photographers make.

Failing to post enough images

What you need to remember when you are putting up your blog post is the fact that you are actually writing a full entry blog. You should not scrimp out on the amount of pictures that you are going to post. Remember, you want your future clients to look at a blog entry that would tell them that you are more or less more than capable of covering a wedding event from start to end. Anything that is less than 10 images posted is something that is way too low and will not suffice to make up a blog entry post. It will also be considered as a “teaser” for a full entry blog if it is anything that is less than the ten picture rule. At least have something for the important moments in the wedding such as the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready, the groom and his groomsmen getting ready, the bride walking down the aisle, the bride and groom at the altar, the couple with their families, the reception, the speeches, and the dancing. That should make up a pretty comprehensive setup that will more or less tell a story for your readers.

Posting too many images

Too much of a good thing may be bad. Do not overdo it unless your intent is to bore your audience. Avoid posting photos that look redundant and pretty much the same. You absolutely do not want your readers to scroll endlessly through pictures that do not string a story together.

The tendency to post all of the images in their full size

Get this, not all of the images out there require to be posted in full size. It will give your blog a monotonous layout and may bore your readers. Try to post only the really impactful photos in full size and the others should be slightly smaller laid out side by side.

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Methods In Searching For The Right Wedding Photographer


weding photographersResearch the different types of wedding photographers out there and what their particular styles out and decide on a style that you like. There are basically three main photography styles out there and before you even start looking for a wedding photographer to hire, you need to make sure that this is something that you have already decided on. The first wedding photography style is traditional and it comprises of staged and choreographed poses with the photographer controlling everything and making most of the artistic decisions to be made. The second wedding photography style is documentary, and that involves a more laidback and relaxed take on things, letting the events just go with the flow while the wedding photographer follows along. The third type of wedding photography style is basically a little of both with a mixture of both choreographed and unplanned poses. It is also the most common and the most in demand of them all.

Ask turnaround times

Ask about a wedding photographer’s turnaround times. The turnaround time is crucial especially if you are the type of client is looking for something that is fast and something that you can see right away. Try to look into wedding photographers who can promise you a turnaround time of a few days right after the wedding event. If he promises something more than a week after the event takes place, you should best be advised that that might be something that takes a little too long at some point.

Touch up skills

Check out whether or not a wedding photographer can touch up his own photos. Sometimes, the difference between a professional and amateur set of photos is the way they are touched up or the way that they are being edited. If you are going for a wedding photographer, you want to go for someone who has his own software and who can fix up his own photos or at least have someone in his team who can do the job quite excellently.

Price list packages

Review the price list packages that a wedding photographer has to offer. Pricing is an extremely huge issue especially when you are racking costs up brought about by the rest of all of the other add-on services that need to be taken care of in a huge event like a wedding. It can be a really huge money drain. What you are looking for is something that is fairly reasonable. You are looking for simple and concise descriptions that itemize everything. Try to veer away from flowery and ambiguous words. You want something that gives it to you in black and white and something that is fairly easy to wrap your head around.


Ask around from wedding industry professionals such as those who make wedding videos Yorkshire for recommendations that they can make or refer to you. You should not forget this little gold mine of interesting information for wedding photographers. Wedding industry professionals such as wedding planners and florists actually know of a lot of reputable and up and coming wedding photographers out there. Pick up the business cards that you can collect as much as you can and start off with your research.

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Great Wedding Photography Tips for Those Who Are Starting Out

1. Prep up your gear and invest in all of the right equipment.

Invest in the right kind of cameras and you are sure to get a running start in your wedding photography career. This is a major investment. You need something that will let you shoot in both manual mode and aperture mode as well. If you can only afford just one camera, what you can do is to borrow or rent a secondary one. You absolutely cannot afford to cover the wedding with just one camera. You need at least two to start with so that you can mount two different kinds of lenses. This will make it easy for you to transition in between cameras instead of having to keep unscrewing and re-screwing the lenses.

wedding photography gear

2. Invest in the most fundamental basic lenses needed for wedding photography.

You will need to start off with two lenses. Right off the start, again, if the issue is with the initial amount of money that you need to put in, you best start off with a medium zoom lens that works or functions the same way the two basic lenses do. The first lens would have to be the telephoto lens. This lens will let you take zoomed in photos from quite a distance without ever jeopardizing the quality of the images that you are taking. The second lens is the wide angle lens. This kind of lens is perfect for the group photos that are absolutely required during weddings. This lens will also let you take great photos of buildings and architectural designs without having to worry whether or not they will fit in the lens because the wide angle lens will let you do that.

3. Be street smart and business savvy enough to learn how to network properly.

This can you grow your business and be successful like this wedding photographer nottingham. If you are absolutely horrified of strangers, this is the right time for you to get up and start conquering that kind of fear. Practice walking up to strangers and talk to them, introduce your business, and be confident enough to showcase your business in words. Get a professional looking business card designed for you and get lots of them printed out. Be ready to hand them out during events that you cover. Be particularly keen in networking with fellow wedding industry professionals such as florists, caterers, and wedding planners.

4. Create a blog and keep it updated with all of the ideas and inspiring stream of creativity to keep your audiences interested.

This may be a challenge for people who do not have some serious writing chops but what you can be rest assured of is the fact that this is actually something that you can learn or teach yourself to do. Yes, it may be slow coming in the beginning but you will eventually pick up the right kind of momentum and you will start churning out one quality post to another.

5. Take just a maximum of three clicks per person or per scene and that is it.

Do not overshoot because you will end up confusing yourself with too many choices once you get to the post shoot process of wedding photography.

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How to Excel In Wedding Photography

wedding photography1. Work on getting a lot of experience first on wedding photography before thinking about going pro.

The first rule when it comes to pursuing this professionally is to make sure that you are actually worth your salt in terms of experience. If you don’t have anything to show for it yet, offer to assist a more established wedding photographer Berkshire in his own gigs first just so that you can learn the ropes an don’t end up lost and totally perplexed and unsure of your next step while you are in the middle of a wedding event. It pays to know things. You have to remember that you will be dealing with paying clients and they want their money’s worth out of the service you provide so it better be service that is worth paying for. Also try to see if you can do a free coverage for the weddings of family members and friends who are cool with you covering their event for fun.

2. Practice on your writing skills and put up a blog

You might probably wonder why you would have to learn to write to be successful in wedding photography. Well, it’s for the simple reason that if you ever have any plans on being anyone successful and worth knowing, you should have a full and functioning blog that has quality content. Writing will also help you out a lot when it comes to coming up with the touching and riveting captions and descriptions for your photos. It really is a skill that can come in quite handy any time and something that you should be investing time in to learn.

3. Be meticulous and choosy with the things that you include in your online portfolio.

Your portfolio is your resume and is oftentimes the very first thing that a prospective client sees. It tells a lot about you and about how you work. It can also reflect your sense of organization and attention to detail. You should be able to work this out and make sure that nothing but the very best of your works are posted in this.

4. Know your camera settings inside and out.

Technical knowledge sets the professionals apart from the amateurs. Fiddle with your camera more and attempt to learn everything about the modes and the settings and what they can bring to the images. It also helps if you take the time out of your day to read up on the manual at some point. It will enable you to manipulate your filming much easier than you normally would.

5. Get some kind of formal training, if you can.

Again, it provides you with technical knowledge that will bring your skills to a whole new different level at some point. It also helps that you are learning from verified wedding photography professionals who have really been there and done that. You will get to learn about how they made it and what their trade secrets are and they will get to teach you on a one-on-one basis.

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What Most Wedding Photographers Need to Know

wedding photography tipsYour gear requires more than just the occasional maintenance

It needs full on commitment. You have to understand that your gear is your first line of attack when it comes to accomplishing the job that comes along with the gig. Most wedding photographers like this Seattle wedding photographer take care of their equipment just fine but there are some who are new to the game who are still not quite well aware of the importance of routinely checking and cleaning your gear to make sure that they do not bail out on you unexpectedly especially during crucial times like being in the middle of covering an event. Also make it a habit to really clear out the memory space in your memory cards and opt for sturdier and more stable devices like hard drives and flash drives for storing your files on a more long term basis.

You need some formal training at some point – no matter how great you may see yourself to be.

Education and actual formal professional training is that extra factor that will really get to boost your chances of excelling and making good in the niche of wedding photography. Wedding photographers who have had formal training and have certificates to show for their credentials usually get the more high level gigs and may even land them high profile jobs with huge international firms. You will also get trained by seasoned professionals and may learn a lot of things that you would not have learned otherwise when you just play it by ear.

You need to get at least an assistant if you can’t afford a full and solid team just yet.

The most common mistake that wedding photographers make in general is thinking that they can go into covering weddings solo and that having a team would be a luxury that only those who have made it in the business can afford. The truth of the matter is that even if you’re just starting out, you’re still going to need a team to help you cover the huge amount of tasks and responsibilities that comes along with the coverage. If you can’t have them on your payroll just yet, make it a per gig basis where you only pay them per job or per hour rendered. That way, you don’t have to shoulder extremely high admin overhead costs single handedly.

You need some serious writing chops if you’re ever going to make it.

It will serve you well when it comes to improving your content. You need to start up a blog and really give it your all. You should also be putting as much hard work on your portfolio. Although it may be true that pictures really speak a thousand words, having a sort of “narration” or introduction and even meaningful and creative captions can bring photos to a completely different level. You also need to be a decent enough storyteller so that you can string all the pieces together.

You need to know how to be able to network and tap into the connections that you may already have.

Networking is the bloodline of a wedding photographer’s business and should be something that you should be able to work to your advantage pretty early on in the game.

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Little Baby Photography Tips That Work Every Time

newborn photographyMacro shots

Sleepy baby time means it’s macro shots time! Yup, it’s no joke when we say that baby photography can be touch but it does have its adorable moments. A baby who is fast asleep looks so peaceful and so cute and will definitely come out looking great in the photos, if you know how to take advantage of that moment. Sleepy time is also the perfect time for you to bust out that macro lens and take some serious close-ups. More often than not, natural light will not suffice for this so go through the extents of actually making it quick and successive so you do not disturb the baby and wake it up from its sleep.

Natural light

Maximize as much natural light that you can get your hands on. And speaking of avoiding flash, try to make use of light that is readily available to you. Try to position the baby next to a source of natural light like an open window or door that provides you with crisp enough lighting that won’t have you looking for any flash. Babies tend to get irritated pretty quickly so veering away from the flash as much as possible is actually a pretty wise move, if you ask us.


Let the siblings join in on the photo session, if you can. Siblings being photographed with the baby will come out looking really adorable and great. Try to see if you can get them or encourage them to join the photo shoot. Have a nice stash of candies in hand so you can bribe your way through if they get a little hesitant. If you will be able to pull this off, your photos will come out looking really great and one for the books – literally.


Get props that work well and last long. You need to invest in a whole range of props as well if you’re really serious about getting baby photography Oxfordshire as a niche or as a specialty. Try to look things up online and see what the most popular choices usually are and try to learn from them at some point or so. It would be wise if you go with materials that are durable enough to withstand time and a whole lot of washes because you’re going to have to wash them much frequently than usual. It is usually advised to always wash the props after every use for hygienic reasons.


Get your hands on an assortment of toys to help keep the baby entertained. Toys that look colorful or that you can hang suspended from a ceiling or a pole or anything like that will work well in keeping the baby entertained and happy. Babies get distracted quite easily so you can actually use that to your advantage by having a lot of flashy toys around that will surely pique their interest at some point or so.

Morning schedule

Schedule the shoot during the morning. Mornings are the best time of the day for you to film babies – period. They are in a better mood, they are less cranky, and are most likely to give you those adorably smiling shots during that time.

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Wedding Video Flair for the Avid Learner

Get an assistant and bring in a team

wedding video tipsMore often than not, if you were able to manage getting a wedding video contract, it will most likely be paired with wedding photography coverage as well. These two individual services are extremely varied and require a lot of man hours and efforts to actually accomplish. That’s why you need another person or even preferably a team to go along with you just to make sure that all the other possible loopholes are accordingly covered. Hire out an assistant. If you’re just starting out and can’t really afford one just yet, there are a lot photography and videography students that will step in who will be happy to get some kind of training or real world experience from you. Oftentimes, getting a team is also a plus point when getting clients.

Make sure you have high quality gear to begin with

You can’t be cheap with your gear. It is the proverbial goose that lays the golden eggs. You just have got to have it. If you have been thinking about launching a professional career in shooting wedding videos and photos, you might already have all of the necessary equipment to begin with. We’re still just putting this out there for good measure.

Make sure that you have backup gear

You are going to need secondary equipment other than the main camera you are using when filming. This will serve as your insurance for when something bad happens to your original gear. This will also satisfy your clients when they ask about it. You will get asked this a lot, mind you. People are entrusting you to cover the most important day in their lives. Investing in a backup gear is your way of making sure that all bases are covered no matter what happens.

Get a tripod for added stability when filming

Tripods are an absolute requirement when filming wedding videos. Videos tend to be really shaky and unstable when just held by hand and unless inducing vertigo in your viewers is the effect that you are going for, getting a tripod that is at least 5 meters long should be of utmost priority for you and for your professional career. It does not have to be anything branded or crazy expensive. Just get a good stable one that won’t fall apart with the slightest of uses.

Pick a plot and develop it during the filming process

Remember, you are aiming to film a wedding video that actually makes sense so drawing out a plot would be a wise move for you. A wedding video Newcastle needs direction and a certain sense of story. Some couples will leave this all up to you but just to be safe, come up with a lot of different plots that you think will work for the video and present it to the couple and have them choose the best one that they like.

Talk to the bride and groom about how they would like the wedding video to turn out

Communication is everything. If you have any questions or anything at all that you would like to know about the service that you will be providing, by all means, speak up and ask them. At the same time, be accommodating as well to the questions that they may be asking you. This is to guarantee that all expectations are managed at all points.

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Simple Baby Photography Tips for Neophytes

baby photographyBaby photography is adorable and alluring and if this is something that you wanted to do for the first time; then kudos to you for looking into it. It may sound all easy and zen but it actually takes so much more work than it actually looks. Believe it or not, it takes a lot of patience and resilience to get through these shoots so brace yourself and get your patience hat on because you are going to need it. Still, it does not come in without its rewards. Being tasked to document someone’s babyhood is a great honor.

You can also be quite rest assured that what you will be able to produce will be treasured greatly by families and friends and will be looked upon and appreciated even up to several generations down the line, if preserved properly. Here are a few tips for the baby photography neophyte.

Babies are very moody.

They can be really nice and peaceful one moment and totally in your face in tantrums the next so you have to time everything accurately. The best time to do the photo shoot is in the morning, just right after they have been bathed and fed. You will be getting a lot of sleeping and yawning shots that will turn out looking adorable in the photos. Make the most out of the peaceful moments they have and shoot rapidly and quietly in between prop changes which will actually lead us to the next point.

Invest in simple but high quality and highly sensible props.

One of the best props that you can start out with is a simple black cloth that is both stretchy and thick enough to look last you for a long time despite being washed frequently in between. Invest in a nice assortment of blankets, wraps and furs as well. They are perfect for floor shots and for swaddling the baby in. Also get some nice head gear such as hats, head bands, ear muffs and so on. A nice set of pillows of different sizes will also be nice. Always go back to the primary rule of always keeping stuff clean. Have them all washed and hung right after every single use. Opt for textures that are soft to the touch so as not to chafe the baby or make the baby uncomfortable.

Minimize flash usage as much as possible and most especially when the baby is asleep because chances are, you are going to wake the baby. And any experienced parent will let you in on the secret that babies who are disturbed from their sleep end up waking up angry and agitated –and those are never pretty for your pictures. So try your best to be as stealthy as possible.

And speaking of the baby sleeping, macro shots are perfect for when they are asleep. There’s an almost poetic novelty to having the baby’s itty bitty little parts photographed and focused on separately. Parents adore the idea of macro shots and they make for really great cover photos so you should seriously master that art.

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Common Cardinal Sins Committed in Portrait Photography

portrait photographyFilming the subjects without making them feel comfortable first is one of the most common mistakes photographers do when they delve into portrait photography. The thing is that people in general are naturally self-conscious. It is a bit awkward to have someone do your portrait photos on a one-on-one basis (unless you’re a seasoned model and if by then, the subject should be just fine). If your subject tends to look awkward and uncomfortable, go through the efforts to talk to them and make them feel more at ease.

Ask them how the weather was on their way to the shoot location. Try to keep the conversation going even in between takes. This Raleigh family photographer always does this with clients. You will see that the subject will slowly ease up and begin being comfortable and it will reflect in the photos that you are able to take. Nobody looks good while uncomfortable, mind you.

Awkward hands are also notorious in portrait photography

People usually just don’t know how to pose their hands or where to put them. More often than not, this kind of awkwardness will also be quite visible in the photos. Hands intentionally placed to stay on the sides tend to look too stiff and too contrived so opt for more comfortable positions where the hands are resting on something or holding onto something.

Fake smiles also do not look good in portrait photos

Ever had a bad day and you needed to have your picture taken so you force yourself to smile? Your mouth widens into a grin, Cheshire cat style, but your eyes don’t crinkle so you end up looking a bit disturbed. The same thing goes with your subjects. You never know whether they are in the mood or not but when the smiles start looking fake, go out of your way to get that authentic and real smile. Make them laugh by cracking a little joke. Or for women, you can compliment them on how good they look in the photos. It will surprise you what a little heartfelt compliment can do to a person.

Angles are everything

Do not ever photograph a woman with her shoulders square as a box. It is not a good look for women. Shoulders are usually the widest parts of the body so when you do a full frontal without the advantage of any angle distortions whatsoever, she will tend to look wider than she actually is. Make the shoulders slightly asymmetrical by having her pose sideways with one foot right in front of another and with the stomach sucked in and the buttocks stuck out. You will be thanked numerous times for having to go through the effort of actually giving out the directions for her poses, guaranteed.

Lastly, and this is just a shoo-in in the event that you are taking your own self portrait and you happened to fancy a smart phone as your medium; veer away from the front facing cameras. Back facing cameras have better resolutions and will allow you to pose properly when you use the timer option.

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