Second Shooter: How It Changes Your Wedding Album

wedding photographer EdinburghEvery couple loves to have a wedding album to remember they’re important say. Many see a single shooter as enough to do this because what a wedding photographer Edinburgh does is only to take pictures. It shouldn’t be that hard, right?

Hiring additional shooters to capture your wedding pictures makes you spendthrift on your budget. It’s what many couples think, but here’s what those who actually used two shooters have to say. Let’s see how a second shooter can improve your wedding album significantly.

Better coverage

With a single photographer, the number of pictures you can get is limited to what the photographer saw.In many cases, some couples realize that their photographer could have missed the things that happened on the other side of the hall when they were busy taking formal pictures of guests.

One more shooter can fix a lot of problems and even gives you a different point of views on beautiful moments like the first kiss. Only having an extra shooter can make this possible.

Another thing to remember is that your photographer will have to spend several minutes to hours to take group pictures. During this time, other guests in the room are still enjoying themselves and you most likely will miss it unless you hire a videographer that can separately record the wedding.

The second shooter can help with capturing the rest of the wedding party, letting you spend your time taking group pictures with ease. The lead photographer can also focus on group pictures without having to feel pressured with time. It’s always a more respectful gesture to have a professional wedding photographer Edinburgh like to be the lead.

The big party needs more hands

If you are planning a big party, an extra shooter is definitely something you want to have. A single shooter can only shoot wide from one place. Expressions of people from far places or facing an opposite direction can be missed.

One more pair of eyes to capture the party will definitely add up more stories to your wedding album. This guy can even capture important, memorable moments in a different point of view that may actually look better than main shooter’s (and you’ll definitely love it).

Surely, after planning so hard and spending so much to make sure the party will proceed as planned, an extra shooter will ensure that all important moments are in the album, don’t you think so?

Value compared to the price

And now to the value that you can enjoy compared to the price. As you’ve already realized when you hired a photographer, pictures in wedding album are worth paying because they are something that you will keep for a really long time.

Most photographers don’t increase much in adding one more photographer. Some even provide services with only two photographers and no less because they can only work effectively and provide gorgeous pictures of various perspectives for their clients that way.

You should also consider that you’ll get more pictures to choose to be included in your album. They’ll also be included in the USB stick as digital files.

So, how is it? There is no better reason to not have one more wedding photographer Edinburgh to help with taking pictures of your wedding.

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