Simple Baby Photography Tips for Neophytes

baby photographyBaby photography is adorable and alluring and if this is something that you wanted to do for the first time; then kudos to you for looking into it. It may sound all easy and zen but it actually takes so much more work than it actually looks. Believe it or not, it takes a lot of patience and resilience to get through these shoots so brace yourself and get your patience hat on because you are going to need it. Still, it does not come in without its rewards. Being tasked to document someone’s babyhood is a great honor.

You can also be quite rest assured that what you will be able to produce will be treasured greatly by families and friends and will be looked upon and appreciated even up to several generations down the line, if preserved properly. Here are a few tips for the baby photography neophyte.

Babies are very moody.

They can be really nice and peaceful one moment and totally in your face in tantrums the next so you have to time everything accurately. The best time to do the photo shoot is in the morning, just right after they have been bathed and fed. You will be getting a lot of sleeping and yawning shots that will turn out looking adorable in the photos. Make the most out of the peaceful moments they have and shoot rapidly and quietly in between prop changes which will actually lead us to the next point.

Invest in simple but high quality and highly sensible props.

One of the best props that you can start out with is a simple black cloth that is both stretchy and thick enough to look last you for a long time despite being washed frequently in between. Invest in a nice assortment of blankets, wraps and furs as well. They are perfect for floor shots and for swaddling the baby in. Also get some nice head gear such as hats, head bands, ear muffs and so on. A nice set of pillows of different sizes will also be nice. Always go back to the primary rule of always keeping stuff clean. Have them all washed and hung right after every single use. Opt for textures that are soft to the touch so as not to chafe the baby or make the baby uncomfortable.

Minimize flash usage as much as possible and most especially when the baby is asleep because chances are, you are going to wake the baby. And any experienced parent will let you in on the secret that babies who are disturbed from their sleep end up waking up angry and agitated –and those are never pretty for your pictures. So try your best to be as stealthy as possible.

And speaking of the baby sleeping, macro shots are perfect for when they are asleep. There’s an almost poetic novelty to having the baby’s itty bitty little parts photographed and focused on separately. Parents adore the idea of macro shots and they make for really great cover photos so you should seriously master that art.

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