The Best WordPress Plugins for a Photography Website

photographerNow that so many webmasters use the WordPress Content Management System to virtually manage everything on their websites, the platform now sports oodles of plugins. Think of any functionality and rest assured WordPress has a matching plugin to give you leverage. That’s how awesome the platform is.

Photographers are not left behind when it comes to this. If you’re a serious photographer, with an active supportive website to showcase your talent, WordPress has tons of plugins that you can utilize to reach your goals.

The problem comes with finding the best plugins from a platform that features thousands of them. Luckily for you, we did a little bit of footwork, and here is our best pick of WordPress plugins every photographer must be utilizing:

Editorial Calendar

If you’re among the bloggers who like to plan ahead of time, then Editorial Calendar is another plugin to install. With this plugin you can virtually schedule your posts and photograph so that they’ll automatically be published after a slated timing.


NextGen Gallery

The built-in image Gallery on WordPress is, well, fine. But there are great plugins such as the NextGen Gallery that arrive with a little more dynamism.

Besides making your gallery look good, these plugins gives you more leeway to edit and organize your photos. From adding watermarks to your images to thumbnail galleries, NextGen sports a lot of features that you can use to make displayed photos more appealing.



Ever wondered how photographers set their photos to a slide show? Well, SlideDeck is one of the best plugins to utilize for this feature.

In addition, it lets you add a SEO-friendly description of your photos so it can be ranked high in the search engines. For a designer, you may want to use SlideDeck instead of any other slider because it’s unparalleled and can therefore be used anywhere on a website you’re designing.


Digg Digg

Every photographer needs a platform to share some of their works with potential customers. That’s exactly where the social media comes in.

And since a great majority of social sites have a restriction as to the number of words you can use to make a post, most people are now resorting to a frequent use of photos. With Digg Digg, you can organize your social media buttons to make them more appealing to viewers so they can share them to their friends on social networks.


SEO Friendly Images

Part of your online work is putting an all-out effort to garner a top ranking in the search engines. Every website owner needs traffic, you can’t be an exception.

With SEO Friendly Images, you can calibrate your images by adding Title attributes and ALT to make them more SEO friendly. So if Google ranking means anything to you, this is one of the plugins you shouldn’t be hesitant to use.



Shutter is the plugin to use if you’re planning to create a gallery with a large number of photos. As a matter of fact, this plugin has no limit as to the number of photos you can add to its gallery.

Besides, you can use it to manage the size of your photos. If a given photo is too large, and you suspect it may affect the loading speed of your website, you can use the plugin to calibrate the size and improve the loading speed of your website.


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