Wedding Video Flair for the Avid Learner

Get an assistant and bring in a team

wedding video tipsMore often than not, if you were able to manage getting a wedding video contract, it will most likely be paired with wedding photography coverage as well. These two individual services are extremely varied and require a lot of man hours and efforts to actually accomplish. That’s why you need another person or even preferably a team to go along with you just to make sure that all the other possible loopholes are accordingly covered. Hire out an assistant. If you’re just starting out and can’t really afford one just yet, there are a lot photography and videography students that will step in who will be happy to get some kind of training or real world experience from you. Oftentimes, getting a team is also a plus point when getting clients.

Make sure you have high quality gear to begin with

You can’t be cheap with your gear. It is the proverbial goose that lays the golden eggs. You just have got to have it. If you have been thinking about launching a professional career in shooting wedding videos and photos, you might already have all of the necessary equipment to begin with. We’re still just putting this out there for good measure.

Make sure that you have backup gear

You are going to need secondary equipment other than the main camera you are using when filming. This will serve as your insurance for when something bad happens to your original gear. This will also satisfy your clients when they ask about it. You will get asked this a lot, mind you. People are entrusting you to cover the most important day in their lives. Investing in a backup gear is your way of making sure that all bases are covered no matter what happens.

Get a tripod for added stability when filming

Tripods are an absolute requirement when filming wedding videos. Videos tend to be really shaky and unstable when just held by hand and unless inducing vertigo in your viewers is the effect that you are going for, getting a tripod that is at least 5 meters long should be of utmost priority for you and for your professional career. It does not have to be anything branded or crazy expensive. Just get a good stable one that won’t fall apart with the slightest of uses.

Pick a plot and develop it during the filming process

Remember, you are aiming to film a wedding video that actually makes sense so drawing out a plot would be a wise move for you. A wedding video Newcastle needs direction and a certain sense of story. Some couples will leave this all up to you but just to be safe, come up with a lot of different plots that you think will work for the video and present it to the couple and have them choose the best one that they like.

Talk to the bride and groom about how they would like the wedding video to turn out

Communication is everything. If you have any questions or anything at all that you would like to know about the service that you will be providing, by all means, speak up and ask them. At the same time, be accommodating as well to the questions that they may be asking you. This is to guarantee that all expectations are managed at all points.

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