What Most Wedding Photographers Need to Know

wedding photography tipsYour gear requires more than just the occasional maintenance

It needs full on commitment. You have to understand that your gear is your first line of attack when it comes to accomplishing the job that comes along with the gig. Most wedding photographers like this Seattle wedding photographer take care of their equipment just fine but there are some who are new to the game who are still not quite well aware of the importance of routinely checking and cleaning your gear to make sure that they do not bail out on you unexpectedly especially during crucial times like being in the middle of covering an event. Also make it a habit to really clear out the memory space in your memory cards and opt for sturdier and more stable devices like hard drives and flash drives for storing your files on a more long term basis.

You need some formal training at some point – no matter how great you may see yourself to be.

Education and actual formal professional training is that extra factor that will really get to boost your chances of excelling and making good in the niche of wedding photography. Wedding photographers who have had formal training and have certificates to show for their credentials usually get the more high level gigs and may even land them high profile jobs with huge international firms. You will also get trained by seasoned professionals and may learn a lot of things that you would not have learned otherwise when you just play it by ear.

You need to get at least an assistant if you can’t afford a full and solid team just yet.

The most common mistake that wedding photographers make in general is thinking that they can go into covering weddings solo and that having a team would be a luxury that only those who have made it in the business can afford. The truth of the matter is that even if you’re just starting out, you’re still going to need a team to help you cover the huge amount of tasks and responsibilities that comes along with the coverage. If you can’t have them on your payroll just yet, make it a per gig basis where you only pay them per job or per hour rendered. That way, you don’t have to shoulder extremely high admin overhead costs single handedly.

You need some serious writing chops if you’re ever going to make it.

It will serve you well when it comes to improving your content. You need to start up a blog and really give it your all. You should also be putting as much hard work on your portfolio. Although it may be true that pictures really speak a thousand words, having a sort of “narration” or introduction and even meaningful and creative captions can bring photos to a completely different level. You also need to be a decent enough storyteller so that you can string all the pieces together.

You need to know how to be able to network and tap into the connections that you may already have.

Networking is the bloodline of a wedding photographer’s business and should be something that you should be able to work to your advantage pretty early on in the game.

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