When the Lancashire Wedding Photographer Covers a Wedding

lancashire wedding photographerThe Lancashire wedding photographer covers the wedding occasion and produces record in pictures and videos. A record of the guest showing what they look like, the attire they are putting on and the whole event of the day is generated by the photographer. All these activities in the event is generally known as wedding photography. These records can be organized in such a way that it tells a story about the wedding day. All kinds of photographers can easily capture or take photos in a wedding event, but a good Lancashire wedding photographer does the shooting to capture the beauty, tenderness, fun and love shared between the bride and the groom.


A wedding photographer need to present his /her work in a coherent and distinct style so that his/her work will be easily recognized, it will make the photographer different from the others. This is a good point if the photographer wants to generate a continual flow of clients. It is good to also point out that a good wedding photographer should imbibe good principles in photography, make the pictures presentable so that people who invest in wedding photography will have value for their money. In doing this, you can adopt a style or idea from some identified photographers that are good, not copying their work, but adopting and putting into use their style of work. For example, some wedding photographers have adopted a combination shooting style: proactive and reactive shooting, however, let your mind be open and receptive to evolutions in photography.

A proactive wedding photography style is a style that seeks to control the shooting event; it anticipates and imagines a scene and goes ahead to create it. In the course of the event the Lancashire wedding photographer can create a scene with the bride and the groom by assuming different posing techniques for shooting. A reactive wedding photography style rather than create the scene desired, the photographer waits for the scene to happen before taking a shot, it means acting as a result of a stimulus or situation in the event. A disadvantage of this style is that the Lancashire wedding photographer can be taking unawares thereby not capturing a very important scene in the event.

In addition, you can develop a style by observing and studying paintings and photographs to understand how a great image is produced. Allowing your style of shooting pictures to evolve gradually is also another way of developing a style; take note that the difference between a poor photographer and a good one is their ability to identify a good scene. Lastly, identifying a style is a great way to focus your attention on the shooting on the wedding day.


When planning for equipment, take note of the following:

  • That it is the responsibility of the photographer to identify a picture
  • That the role of the lens is to make the captured image
  • That the role of the camera is to record

The final output of the image you wish to have will determine the kind of equipment you should invest in to have the job done properly. The lens which makes the image often differentiates the amateur photographer from the professional photographer.

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