Why Can One Fail as a Wedding Photographer?

female wedding photographerMore than improving yourself, be sure that you’re not making the mistakes below. You might as well be digging the grave of your career if you keep doing them and you don’t even realize it!

What should any professional, Asian or female wedding photographer remember not doing?

Not building trust in clients

One of the best way to ensure that your client like you is to build trust in them. Have them believe that you are the right capable person for the job and prove it. Clients are then more likely to allow you work without trying to get in the way or telling you what to do.

Distrusting clients tend to try to take over what the photographer does and end up disrupting the process. It might take up some time, sacrifice and effort from your side, but it’ll pay off. They’ll also feel more positive about you at the end of the day.

Not getting used with their cameras

There are people who like to stay safe and there are people who always want to try out new things. You need to be in the middle of them. During your work, stay safe and don’t take risks that might cause troubles to the wedding pictures. Your time is limited and you don’t have time to ‘try new things’.

However, whenever you have time, practice and improve your photography knowledge. Try to override the settings of your camera and see if you can capture something else. The same thing isn’t exactly the same in everyone’s eyes. How many perspectives can you have?

Staying the way you are

www.joannebphotography.co.uk is the site of a professional female wedding photographer. Competing in a world of advanced technology isn’t easy. The camera isn’t that hard to procure nowadays, so what you’ve got to fight with is something unique and creative that only you have.

What is so special about you? One way to start figuring this out is to recognize your own style and then compare it with others that might have a similar style. Look at those pictures and ask yourself how come that your pictures did not turn out like theirs. Spotting how you’re different will help you exploit that and finally, create something that is uniquely you.

On the other hand, you can also use a completely different style of photography with wedding pictures. For example, there are photographers that incorporate miniature editing or astrophotography into their wedding photography. It gives something new to the clients and becomes a ‘trend’.

Not trying to be better

How can you be better? Obviously, through practicing, taking classes and training and sharing with fellow photographers. Are you doing those things? It’s easier said than done. Spending time to get better means you have less time to work.

However, these training are what will give you a shot to become an even better female wedding photographer. You can’t just settle and be another photographer in the region. Becoming someone with a ‘first place’ award on a competition or certificate to finishing certain training will give you the upper hand.

These things can bring you down unless you start doing something to change it. It’s easy to get kicked out of business as more and more competitors enter.

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